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Stopping The Dreaded 3 Putt

How To GolfOne of most annoying things that happens to golfers is the dreaded 3 putt. You hit a great tee-shot, great approach but you run your first putt by the hole a few feet and miss the one coming back.  There’s not many things that will get the blood boiling faster than that. The
following drill is great to improve your touch almost instantly and it just gets better the more you do it.

To start, take 5 tees and place them in a straight line, one behind the next and about 3 feet apart.  You want to set the first one about 15 feet away from where you’re going to start putting from.

Now start with 10 balls about 15 feet away and putt the first one to the closes tee. The goal is to reach the first tee but not go past more than half way to the second one. Putt the second ball to the second tee, making sure to get the ball to the tee but not more than halfway to the third tee. Do this with your first 5 balls, each time going to the next furthest tee away.

Once you have reached the last tee, do the opposite in reverse with the remaining 5 balls. Hit the ball to the furthest tee, making sure to get the ball to the tee, but not more than a couple feet past. The next ball to the tee infront of the last and so on back down the ladder.

If at any time you leave the ball short or go past more than half way to the tee  you are aiming at, start over. The goal being to go up and down the ladder without having to start over. You’ll be amazed at how it’s not as easy as it sounds, but what this drill is really doing is dialing in your touch in a major way. The more you do this drill the better your touch will become and fewer three putts are quickly in your future.

There are more drills like this inside the full course 5 Minutes To Better Golf. I give you the entire 7 week course just for picking up your copy of my Short Game Blueprint.  If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, do it soon, you won’t find a better course on dropping strokes off your game with this kind of speed.

Get them both for one price at the link below. The video explains it all: The Short Game Blueprint

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